Who We Are

Our Vision is that in the not too distant future, starting with Nigeria, all of Africa will be fed.

MagProtein is a proprietary nutrient recycling business that produces feed ingredients for farmers and feed manufacturers.
We are the first large scale waste to protein initiative in West Africa. We produce sustainable alternatives to fishmeal and soymeal.

How We Work
With Nature

  1. Our process mimics nature. Our focus is to upstream nutrients from pre-consumer organic waste streams.

  2. Our sustainable approach, allows us to reduce organic waste effectively and create valuable feed ingredients using insects.

  3. We grow our insects in controlled environments and process their larvae into nutrient rich products in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

  4. Best practice quality allows us provide products that are organic, with no added ingredients and the essential Amino acids for poultry and farmed fish.

  5. Our products provide our customers with a natural and sustainable alternative to soybean, fishmeal and fish oil

Our Products



Insect protein powder high in essential Amino acids like Lysine, Methionine, Tryptophan and Theonine. Our crude Protein levels are between 60 to 70% and can adequately replace Soybean and Fishmeal in diets of monogastrics.


Insect oil with similar properties to fish oil and tallow. Suitable as a feed ingredient for aquaculture and poultry.

Contact Us

Call now+234 1 2930693 or Write now: enquiries@magprotein.ng