About Us


MagProtein was founded in 2017 initially to produce fish feed from insects for use in the local aquaculture industry in Nigeria. We soon found out that insects have a wider role to play in our food system due to their ability to recycle low value organic material into high value nutrients. We have spent the last 3 years researching at scale the use of insects as a biotechnology catalyst to remanufacture organic material into scarce nutrients that ensure a much better footprint on our environment than many of the materials widely used today as sources of nutrients.

vision strategy


In the not too distant future, all of Africa will be sustainably well fed

mission strategy


We will be the dominant and most reputable provider of ingredients for feed and crop in Africa.

We use Black Soldier Fly (BSF), primarily because they are a non-pest fly, can grow rapidly under the right conditions and are highly nutritious. Insects form a large part of the natural diet for birds, fish and other wild life, and can reduce or replace the use of fishmeal, soybean meal and synthetic fertilizer in the food value chain. We have grown from a small pilot facility with a colony that introduced around 300 freshly emerged BSF daily to a much larger more efficient facility that now introduces 500 BSF every minute into a state of the art colony.

About us
our values

Our Value

We are using our process to foster a zero-waste world with every kg of product we make sustainably. By remanufacturing low value materials generated as waste or by-products from farm and food processing facilities, we are returning value that would otherwise be lost. Our process is circular and generates zero-waste, despite the use of low value waste material as inputs. As a team, we have worked with Partners and Customers to develop this innovative remanufacturing process. We have also widened the scope of materials that can be bio-converted using our process and expanded the use and application of our products.

We have invested significantly in development of this technology in the last 3 years and today we are now commercializing our value in partnership with our customers. As our customers use our products and reduce their use of unsustainable alternatives, our impact widens. In the future, we will be more intentional, by opting to remanufacture waste materials generated by our customers and in return making the food chain more sustainable.

Our People

At MagProtein, we are made up of a diverse team people who have all grown to become experts in one aspect or another of our value chain. It was not always so and we made a lot of mistakes along the way. This is because when we started MagProtein, a talent pool with deep insect production experience did not exist. We also did not understand fully our big idea. We made strides by learning from our mistake and working with the right partners to solve our problems. Together we have refined our process and our value, and are expanding our problem solving scope.

Today, the team is growing and leveraging its diversity. Everyone is still learning of course, but we are all more engaged and willing to share ideas and solutions. Everyone has a stake for the future. This is especially important in our sustainable industry, where a new approach to decision making that involves everyone could solve the problems we face today and develop the talent we need tomorrow.

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