Frass is a natural by-product of the larvae production operation and is made up of insect castings and exuviae. It is rich in nutrients, Chitin and organic matter that produce tasty and nutritious crop. MagProtein’s NatSoil and Natural Garden Frass are made from BSF larvae frass. Our larvae are fed a strict diet that optimizes the nutrient profile of the finished product. They are reared in climate controlled conditions to ensure stability and consistency. Frass is separated using a mechanical process and heat treated to kill any pathogens.

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Organic crop Agriculture

NatSoil is a new and innovative input on organic farms. It provides a rich source of nutrients that are released into the soil throughout the year.

When used in land preparation it stimulates microbial activity in the soil naturally and provides structure that aids water retention.

This process optimizes germination, improves fruiting and initiates natural a pest control response in many crop. It contains chitin which triggers to the immune response and natural defense system in crop. It can be made into a compost tea which can be applied as a root drench throughout the season. It is suitable for vegetables, tubers and grain crop.


Natural Garden Frass is a unique solution for gardens. It is free from synthetic inputs and provides natural goodness to the garden. It contains beneficial microbes that support germination, fruiting and blooming. It can be used on its own as a seed starter or can form the core of a soilless mix. It can also be used as a side dress or a compost tea to provide nutrients into the soil all year long.

Natural Garden Frass can protect your garden from pests but triggering an immune response that wards of pests. This response encourages beneficial organisms to thrive in your garden just as they would in nature. It is rich in chitin which controls the natural defense system in your garden.

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