Our rendered insect oil is called NatOil. It is a natural source of digestible energy for fish and pets, with high proportions of medium chain fatty acids. It contains an abundance of Lauric acid which has well-documented anti-microbial properties and acts as a probiotic in aquaculture and pet food.

NatOil promotes gut health and a strong immune system when used in diets. It is a quick source of energy for juvenile animals and their fragile digestive systems. Lipids from insects like NatOil have been proven to reduce the need for antibiotics in Poultry, aquaculture and pets. NatOil is made by the separation of oil generated during the defatting process. This is a gentle process that ensures the removal of any sludge and excess moisture during purification.

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Farm Animals

Insects like BSF are a natural ingredient in the diets of Salmon, Catfish, Tilapia, Trout and shellfish. NatOil is made from BSF larvae and provides a higher concentration of lipids with antimicrobial properties that best suit farmed fish. NatOil is a suitable ingredient for poultry feed, fish feed and fish bait, and can replace fish oil as a sustainable lipid source.


Pet food

Lipids from insects are a source of easily digestible nutrients for dogs and cats. NatOil contains Lauric acid which improves gut performance and reduces the use of antibiotics in Pet care. Lauric acid also promotes health and beauty of coats with improved shine.

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