We believe there is value trapped in many organic materials and we feel that liberating this value can form the backbone for a sustainable food supply chain. We believe access to food is the foundation for innovation in Africa.

There is a race for Nitrogen and we at MagProtein are at the forefront, paving the way for a new supply chain for the food industry. We are using insects to bio convert spent organic material generated in the food industry into Nitrogen in the form of Amino acids from valuable proteins to Nitrogen found in fertilizer. Thus, we are remanufacturing low value byproducts into high value inputs for the food chain and closing the loop in the process.

This is an entirely new value chain that is working with nature in a process that has remained unchanged for almost 2 million years. This is why our products are natural components of many animal diets and provide much more accessible nutrients to the food chain.

Our applications in feed and crop value chain provide new opportunities that are rapidly expandable to match the billions of tons of organic biomass generated in food production on the continent. It is a natural solution to feed Africa.

Our BSF are some of the fastest growing animals in the world. They can grow 10,000x in under 15 days. Every day we collect millions of eggs, which we hatch under controlled environment. They take on average 3 to 4 days to hatch into neonates and can be sometimes mistaken for specs of yellowish dust. We use a special process to count and dose them into feeding trays. They are a fed with a variety of organic material, which we source from farms and food processing facilities.

We mix these materials to form a balanced diet that guarantees high quality products and stable production efficiency. In addition to our production stock, we keep less than 2% of the neonates we generate everyday as our colony or broodstock, from which we generate new eggs with. We use a state of the art breeding unit to ensure controlled feeding, pupation, mating and ovipositioning.

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