Protein Meal

Our Protein meal product is called NatMeal. It is made by rendering the larvae of the BSF. It is the perfect food for fish and for pets because of its nutrient profile and amino acid mix.

NatMeal is our core product. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to fishmeal and can fully replace fishmeal in wet and dry feed applications. It is a palatable and more sustainable alternative which fish find highly digestible.

The larvae used in the production of NatMeal are fed a strict diet that optimizes the nutrient profile of the finished product. They are reared in climate-controlled conditions to ensure stability and consistency. Larvae are inactivated and cleaned before processing. We use a steam rendering production process with careful regulation of pressure and temperature to maintain nutrient quality and reduce damage to the finished product.

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Farm Animals

Insects like BSF are a natural ingredient in the diets of Salmon, Catfish, Tilapia, Trout and shellfish. NatMeal is made from BSF larvae and provides a higher concentration of protein, reduced fat and reduced fibre. NatMeal is a suitable ingredient for poultry feed, fish feed and fish bait, and can replace fishmeal as a sustainable protein source.


Pet food

Insect protein presents a new and innovative source of animal protein for dogs and cats with sensitivities to traditional protein used in Pet food. This is because insect protein contains all the essential amino acids required for active dogs and cats but does not cause allergies. The hypoallergenic nature of NatMeal ensures it can be used as a single protein source in limited ingredient diets for pets.

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